OGO Circle H Romanesque – 2007 Colt

Roman 8-20-07OGO Circle H Romanesque is Circle H Merlita’s new addition by Vining Lamar.  He is going to be a big boy based on the size of his joints and the length of his legs.  This very large chestnut colt  was born the morning of August 17, 2007.

OGO Circle H Romanesque – Jr Stallion

OGO Circle H Romanesque 

OGO Circle H Romanesque Vining Lamar El Spartez El Cortez Romanesque Red Oak
Mariah K
Viola Linsley Linsley
Princess Spar Sparbeau Linsley
Princess Sabab Sabab
Princess Allan
Flicks Emily Shawalla Buck Memphis Beau Brummell Sparbeau
Memphis Belle
Bettina Allen Tehachapi Allan
Delight L
Shawalla Kitty Silver Rockwood Agazizz
May Rockwood
Nespelem Betty Chilocco Star
Bonny Jean
Circle H Merlita Rockquests Blackjack Sonora Spar Lee Spar Dude Spar
Iva Lee Field
Rosalie Field Sonfield
Deana A
Rockquest Buddy Lee Funquest Buddy Lee Linsley Lee
Allans Fancy L
Rim Rocket Condo
Mon Heir Zoran
Circle H Pita Condo Congo Tarron
Black Dee
May Burger Squire Burger
African Maid
Pepita Sonfield Mansfield
Katleen McCavlin Barney Hudson

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OGO Circle H Romanesque – Jr Stallion

OGO Circle H Romanesque
Vining Lamar X Circle H Merlita
Dark Chestnut, Foaled 2007
Bred by Old Growth Oak Morgans

OGO Circle H Romanesque Vining Lamar X Circle H Merlita Dark Chestnut, Foaled 2007 Bred by Old Growth Oak Morgans OGO Circle H Romanesque ( Roman for short) is currently residing with Terry Jensen in Idaho, so he may have the same kind of advantages while growing up that a highly varied terrain gave to his sire Vining Lamar. Vining Lamar though bred by Lawrence Durland grew up in the care of Rosemarie O’Neil in the magnificent Bitterroot Valley country of Montana. The advantages of a rough and varied terrain to a young stallion are immeasurable and have certainly contributed to the excellent stamina and condition of Vining Lemar to this day when at 26 he is still very hale, hearty and sound.

Vining Lamar ( Vinnie ) was sired by El Spartez by El Cortez. El Cortez was originally registered as Heibert’s Challenge and registered by the Heibert Brothers of Kansas. El Spartez was out of Princess Spar. El Cortez was sired by the Richard Sellman bred Romanesque and out of the Elmer Brown bred Viola Linsley by Linsley. Romanesque was by Red Oak out of Mariah K. It is pretty amazing to realize that on Vinnie’s sire line alone he goes back to some of greats of the Morgan breed in four and five generations! El Cortez was later owned by Roland Hill of California, who also was the breeder of Princess Spar, dam of El Spartez. Red Oak was by General Gates as was Linsley, sire of Viola Linsley. Mariah K who was the dam of Romanesque was one of Richard Sellman’s mares and represented his breeding program in it’s purest form. Mariah K was sired by Headlight Morgan and out of Sweet Marie . Sweet Marie was sired by The Admiral by Jubilee De Jarnette and she was out of Sweetheart by Gold Medal X Nell Gordon. Gold Medal was a Black Hawk descended horse. Nell Gordon was a Woodbury descended mare with a Bulrush line. The Admiral by Jubilee De Jarnette carried Sherman through his sire, and through his dam Morrill Queen carried a strong Bulrush line. Headlight Morgan was a strongly Woodbury descended stallion with fewer lines to Sherman through both Black Hawk and Billy Root. Linsley, sire of Viola Linsley was out of Sunflower Maid by Headlight Morgan. Sunflower Maid’s dam was Fanny P by Julian Morgan who was a Bulrush/Woodbury descended stallion while Fanny P’s dam was a Bulrush/Sherman descended mare. Fanny P was sired by Julian 1 Morgan and out of a mare by Flying Morril. Julian Morgan was sired by Winnebago Chief who on his sire line was pure Bulrush, on his dam’s side he carried Gifford by Woodbury, and Leach’s Blackhawk by BlackHawk by Sherman. The dam of Julian Morgan was Lady Gipsy by Colby’s Young Green Mountain, a stallion who was a Gifford descendant as well as a Morrill descendant. Lady Gipsy’s dam was the Phillip Preston mare who was by Colby’s Young Morrill. Much more Morrill blood here giving strong links to Bulrush indeed. Fanny P’s dam, the mare by Flying Morrill brought in more strong Bulrush blood as well as strong lines to Sherman Morgan through Billy Root, the Batchelder Horse, and Vermont Morgan Champion. There is also a line to an unnamed mare by Justin Morgan. Viola Linsley’s dam was Donbelle, a mare of Ancient Vermont breeding. Donbelle was by Donald out of Belle C Graves. Donald was a Foundation stallion for the Lippitt family, he was bred by Jonathan Jenkins of East Burke, VT, foaled in 1904, a bay stallion who left 66 Morgan foals. Donald was sired by Bob Morgan and out of Fanny. Bob Morgan was another Vermont bred horse who sired thirty eight foals. Bob Morgan was sired by Ethan Allen 2nd out of Topsey by Cushings Green Mountain. Ethan Allen 2nd was by Peter’s Morgan out of the Stephen Dow Mare by Ethan Allen 50 by Black Hawk. Peter’s Morgan was by Vermont Morgan by Gifford Morgan. Despite being named Ethan Allen 2nd, in reality Ethan Allen 2nd was a grandson of Ethan Allen 50. Fanny the dam of Donald was by Ethan Allen 3rd who was by Ethan Allen 2nd. Fanny was out of Nell by Cushings Green Mountain. Cushings Green Mountain was a grandson of both Gifford Morgan and Sherman Morgan since Cushings Green Mountain’s dam – the Nathaniel Goss mare- was by Billy Root by Sherman. Fanny’s dam Nell was almost a pure Sherman Morgan mare on her dam’s side. Nell’s dam was The Watson Mare by Wood’s Comet by Billy Root, out of another Watson mare by Royal Morgan by Sherman. The Crane Mare who is also behind Cushings Green Mountain, was the dam of Wood’s Comet and the Nathaniel Goss mare. The Crane Mare was by Royal Morgan out of a mare by the Batchelder Horse by Sherman. So Donald’s line is both strong in Woodbury and in Sherman blood. Donbelle’s dam Belle C Graves, was by Billy Roberts by Mountaineer by The Greely Horse by Billy Root by Sherman.

The Gorham mare was the dam of The Greely Horse , she was by The Batchelder Horse by Sherman Morgan and out of the Grave Mare by 2 Dutch Prince by Sherman Morgan . The Grave Mare’s dam was The Wilder Mare. The Wilder mare was by Billy Boy, by Morgan Tally Ho by Woodbury Morgan. The dam of the Wilder Mare was the Thoroughbred Perry mare. The dam of Billy Roberts ( sire of Belle C Graves) was Roberta by Billy Folsum out of Whitney by the Streeter Horse by Billy Root by Sherman Morgan. Whitney was also by The Streeter Horse. Billy Folsum’s dam -The Austin Folsum Mare- brings in a line to Bulrush Morgan through her dam-Thew Shedd mare- who was sired by Randolph Morgan by Bulrush. Interestingly the Allen Mare is on this side of the pedigree as well, she was by an unnamed daughter of Justin Morgan. But primarily Roberta , dam of Billy Roberts was a Sherman bred mare. Belle C Graves’s dam was The Hudson Mare by The Butterfield Horse and out of the Healey Mare by The Streeter Horse. The Butterfield Horse’s dam was a bay Canadian mare by an Imported French Coach Horse, his sire side however was pure Sherman Morgan and containing a line to The Hawkins Horse by Justin Morgan. The Butterfield Horse carried the Sherman blood through Billy Root, Royal Morgan, The Batchelder Horse and Green Mountain Morgan.{mospagebreak}

Princess Spar was the dam of El Spartez, she was by Sparbeau out of Princess Sabab. Sparbeau was by Linsley out of Sparbelle. The Arabian breeding behind Princess Sabab is no less impressive. Sabab her sire is a double grandson of Deyr, a very, early imported stallion direct from the desert, and one of the early Davenport Arabians -which was a small group of horses ( twenty seven) of the highest caste known in the deserts, bought directly from their Bedouin owners, and who were bred only within their own group- with no outcrosses. It is said that Princess Sabab was a magnificent mare, and WR Hearst’s intent in using this line of Arabians may have in part been to strengthen the qualities of endurance and beauty of his Morgans. This is only supposition on my part. Princess Sabab was bred by WR Hearst at San Simeon, California. Her dam was Princess Allen by Querido out of Sellman bred Tab. Sparbeau, sire of Princess Spar, was as I said, out of Sparbelle. Sparbelle was by Sparhawk out of Donbelle. Sparhawk was by Dart out of Lucy Hale. Dart was a chestnut foaled in 1905 and the sire of fifty three foals. He descends from the Sherman Black Hawk son King Herod. The line of descent is as follows, Dart by Dude by Fred by Captain Herod, by King Herod Jr. by King Herod by Sherman Black Hawk by Black Hawk by Sherman 3 Morgan. Dart was out of the mare Bess Franklin by Chetco, by Ben Franklin, by Daniel Lambert. Bess Franklin was bred by JC Brunk, who was an early Midwest Morgan breeder of paramount importance. Bess Franklin herself produced for JC Brunk some of the most well known foals in the Morgan horse community. She was bred to the best of the stallions that JC Brunk had, and accordingly, her produce by Dude, Jubilee De Jarnette, Charles Reade, and Knox Morgan produced descendants whose blood is still highly sought today. Bess Franklin was a chestnut mare, foaled in 1897. Dude, a dark bay foaled in 1896, sire of Dart was out of The John Timmerman Mare who was by Cub, a grandson of Black Hawk by Sherman Morgan. Cub’s sire was Black Hawk Prophet who was out of Nazro Northrup Mare by the Thoroughbred Sir Charles out of the Morgan Northrup Mare. Cub’s dam was the OLR White Mare – who was actually black in color- who was sired by Young Green Mountain Morgan. Young Green Mountain Morgan was by Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan sired by Gifford Morgan by Woodbury Morgan and out of the Nathan Whitcomb Mare by Woodbury. She was out of an own daughter of Justin Morgan. Young Green Mountain Morgan’s dam was a mare by Bulrush Morgan. So within Dude, there is a strong blend of all three Justin Morgan sons with Bulrush being the least represented. The Timmerman Mare’s dam was the Cheeseman Mare- she was by Shaftstall Morgan by Morgan General by the Sherman Morgan son Billy Root. Billy Root was out of the Allen Mare whose dam was by Justin Morgan. Fred, sire of Dude was out of Doll by Sawyer Horse out of Yellow Bird, brings in more Woodbury blood as well as Sherman blood. The Sawyer Horse was by Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan by Gifford Morgan. Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan was the sire of Young Green Mountain Morgan .

The dam of the Sawyer Horse was the Bennett Mare by Sherman Morgan out of The Old Bennett Mare. Yellow Bird who was the dam of Doll ( Fred’s dam) was by Green’s Bashaw by Vernol’s Black Hawk, by Long Island Black Hawk. Her dam was Fanny Foss who was a double granddaughter of Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan, giving her a double infusion of Woodbury blood. Her maternal granddams- one by Sherman Morgan, and the other by Bulrush Morgan – gave her a solid base of the earliest Morgan blood available. Fred’s sire -Captain Herod was out of the Sorbee Mare. She was by The Lawton Horse who was by Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan- going back to Woodbury through both is sire and his dam. His dam however, The Nathan Whitcomb 4 mare was out of a Justin Morgan daughter. The dam of the Lawton Horse was the Jasper Buckman Mare by Morgan Eagle by Woodbury out of the Cheney Mare who was by Bulrush Morgan. All and all this is a heavy concentration of Woodbury Morgan blood. It is through Captain Herod’s sire King Herod Jr. that more Sherman Morgan blood comes in. King Herod Jr.’s dam was The Swayne Mare, a flaxen dark chestnut by Green Mountain Boy by Black Hawk by Sherman. Green Mountain Boy’s dam was The Otis Walker Mare by a grandson of Cock Of The Rock by Duroc and out of a mare by Austin’s Brutus, by Brutus, a son of Justin Morgan. The dam of the Swayne Mare was The Bean Mare by Vermont Hero, by Sherman Black Hawk, by Black Hawk by Sherman Morgan. King Herod, sire of King Herod Jr. was out of The Beach Mare, another flaxen chestnut mare ,by Black Hawk himself, and out of the Chittendon Mare by Revenge- another of Justin Morgan’s lessor known sons.

Lucy Hale was the dam of Sparhawk. She was sired by St. L and out of Ethel L. St. L was bred by JC Brunk and foaled in 1897 at Cotton Hill, Illinois. He was sired by Rancho, about whom not that much is really known , Rancho was sired by The Francois Bourke Horse by the Morin Horse by St. Lawrence- a Trotter of Canadian fame. The verifiable Morgan blood of Rancho comes from the dam of his paternal great grandmother who was a daughter of Royal Morgan. And on Rancho’s dam side from Canada Black by Sherman Black Hawk as well as from The Gilmore mare by The Hawkins Horse by Justin Morgan. St L.’s dam however is very well known, she was Ben’s Daisy by Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert. Ben’s Daisy was out of Daisy- by Billy Bodette out of a Billy Folsum daughter. Ben’s Daisy was a broodmare highly regarded indeed, she was the first horse in America to trot 20 miles in less than a hour pulling a four wheeled cart with two men in it. She produced eight foals among them Benita, Daisy De Jarnette and Daisy Reade by Charles Reade. Ben’s Daisy was bred by Frank McGavock of Nashville, TN, and purchased as foundation stock by JC Brunk. In addition to the 20 mile race Ben’s Daisy won the 15 mile Endurance race at the Vermont State Fair in 1910, she was a gaited saddle mare as well. {mospagebreak}

The dam of Lucy Hale , Ethel L was sired by Ned Norton a Gifford grandson, her dam was the FA Shepard Mare who traced to Pilot and to Black Hawk.

Flick’s Emily was the dam of Vining Lamar. She was sired by 5 Shawalla Buck and out of Shawalla Kitty. Shawalla Buck was bred by EW Roberts of Campo, California and later bought by Clarence Shaw of Shawalla Morgans. Shawalla Buck sired 170 foals. He was in turn sired by Memphis Beau Brummell who was also bred by Mr. Roberts. Memphis Beau Brummell did not leave many Morgan foals in the United States, he was sold to Hawaii when he was a six year old and his progeny born there were not registered. In the States he left two colts and a filly foal. Beau Brummell was sired by Sparbeau and out of Memphis Belle. For the most part , on his dam’s side his pedigree is Old California blood. Sparbeau was by Linsley out of Sparbelle who goes back to King Herod, Ben Franklin, St. L and the old Vermont blood of Donbelle. Memphis Belle was sired by Blackman by Redman by Mountcrest Sellman. The dam of Blackman was Gojea by Go Hawk out of Jeanne by Knox Reade- bringing in Knox Morgan and Charles Reade. Belle McClure was the dam of Memphis Belle. Belle McClure was by Linsley Romanesque out of Linsley Belle. Concentrated Linsley breeding indeed bring a strong presence of Headlight Morgan. Sweet Marie by The Admiral is there, making Belle McClure not only a carrier of Richard Sellman’s breeding, and the US Government Farm breeding but bringing in as well, the Ancient Vermont blood of Donbelle who was the dam of Linsley Belle.

Shawalla Buck’s dam- Bettina Allen was by Tehachapi Allen out of Delight L by Linsley. Delight L’s dam was Spry by Dude Hudson out of old Donbelle. All that Linsley and all that Headlight Morgan combined making a very, very athletic legacy in Vining LeMar through Shawalla Buck. Shawalla Kitty ,dam of Flick’s Emily was by Silver Rockwood out of Nespelem Betty. Silver Rockwood was by Agazizz out of May Rockwood. Agazizz was a Jubilee King and Go Hawk grandson as well as a double Liza Jane grandson. May Rockwood was a granddaughter of Bennington, Carolyn, Dude Hudson and Hazel S. Nespelem Betty was sired by Chilocco Star and out of Bonny Jean. Chilocco Star was sired by Silver Ranger by Querido out of Angelina. Silver Ranger was bred to his daughter Racher to produce Chilocco Star. Bonny Jean was by Rosin out of Montana Maid by DeJarnette Jr. Rosin was by Red Oak out of Sunset Morgan. She was by Chief Morgan out of Dolly Morgan by Headlight Morgan. Sunset Morgan brought in Bulrush blood and Woodbury blood as well as Sherman Morgan’s blood. This is the sire side of OGO Circle H Romanesque, and it is a highly athletic, long enduring, very solid one indeed. 6 Circle H Merlita -dam of OGO Circle H Romanesque was bred by the Hunnewill Ranch of Eastern California and Nevada. She represents one of the last of an era- a time when Morgans were bred by working ranchers for work on the ranch. Merlita is very heavy in the bloodlines of Richard Sellman of Texas, Roland Hill of California, Elmer Brown of Kansas. She also has the bloodlines of the Brunks from Illinois. Besides being one of that bygone era, Merlita is unique in that she is of true Working Western breeding BUT without any Flyhawk blood. Merlita was sired by Rockquests Blackjack and out of Circle H Pita. For OGO Morgans Merlita has produced three foals, in addition to her seven previous foals – making her not only unique but a prolific, productive mare. Rockquests Blackjack, her sire was by Sonora Spar. Blackjack’s dam was Rockquest Buddy Lee. Sonora Spar and his sire Lee Spar were also bred by the Hunnewill Ranch. They were both working ranch horses- sound, sane and stable. Lee Spar’s sire was Dude Spar, bred by Roland G. Hill. Lee Spar’s dam was Iva Lee Field. Dude Spar was by Sparbeau, bred by Elmer Brown. Dude Spar’s dam was Sallie Ann, also bred by Roland Hill. Sparbeau was by Linsley out of Sparbelle. Linsley by General Gates out of the Headlight Morgan daughter Sunflower Maid. Headlight Morgan was a cornerstone of Richard Sellman’s breeding program. In three generations the bloodlines of the US Government Farm transformed into the foundation bloodlines of what we know as Working Western Morgans. Sparbelle, dam of Sparbeau was by Sparhawk out of Donbelle. Donbelle was of Ancient Vermont lineage, going back to Gifford, Black Hawk and Red Robin by Justin Morgan. Sparhawk went back to Sherman through Herod, and back to Daniel Lambert through Chetco by Ben Franklin. Linsley was tail male Sherman on his top line through General Gates, and through his dam, Sunflower Maid and the Headlight Morgan, he went back to Woodbury but also he went back to BlackHawk on this line through the Stephen Dow mare. Sunflower Maid’s dam was Fanny P, and she brought in the blood of Bulrush Morgan through Morrill via Winnebago Chief and Flying Morrill. BlackHawk and Gifford were also present on her pedigree. Sallie Ann , Dude Spar’s dam was by Querido by Bennington out of Artemsia. Sallie Ann’s dam was Sonna, bred by Richard Sellman. Sooner was her sire. Sooner was by The Headlight Morgan out of Nannie L by The Admiral. This is classic Sellman breeding. The Admiral was by Jubilee De Jarnette out of the Winnebago Chief daughter Morrill Queen. 7 Nannie L was out of Peggy A by Major Antoine by Meteor Jr. this line goes back to Black Hawk Morgan. Peggy A’s dam was Brown Gordon, who was by Major Gordon by Octoroon Jr. This line is heavy in Bulrush bloodlines with a line to Woodbury as well. Nancy was the dam of Sonna, she was also by The Admiral out of Mollie Gorden by Major Gorden out of an Octoroon daughter. This is Lee Spar’s sire side, his dam was Iva Lee Field. She was by Sonfield out of Iva. Sonfield was by Mansfield out of Quietude, a daughter of Troubadour of Willowmoor. More Sherman breeding here. Iva was a half sister to Sallie Ann, being by Querido but out of Luala by the Allen King son Pat Allen. Luala was out of Hemala by Headlight Morgan out of Baby Lu. Baby Lu was by The Admiral out of Emma Antoine by Major Antoine out of the Major Gordon daughter Topsy. Hemala was Sellman bred and indeed represents his exact breeding program. She was an extremely prolific mare, producing seventeen foals. Rosalie Field was the dam of Sonora Spar. She was also by Sonfield and out of Deana A by Querido.. Deana A was bred by Roland Hill. Her dam was Redoasy, by Red Oak out of Red Daisy by The Admiral. Redoasy was bred by Richard Sellman. Red Oak was by General Gates out of another Ancient Vermont bred mare- Marguerite by White River Morgan. Marguerite was of strong Black Hawk blood with a Woodbury line. Red Daisy’s dam was different. She was indeed by The Admiral, and bred by Richard Sellman. Her dam was an early Sellman mare going back to Octoroon, but her sire was an imported Cleveland Bay coach horse from Yorkshire, England.

Rockquest Buddy Lee, dam of Rockquest’s Blackjack was by Funquest Buddy Lee. He was by Linsley Lee by Felix Lee by Allen Lee by Jubilee King. Linsley Lee was bred by the Chilocco Agricultural School of Oklahoma. Linsley Lee on his sire side carried not on Jubilee King blood, but the bloodlines of Mansfield, Jubilee De Jarnette, Go Hawk through Allestra, ( but no Flyhawk), the Knox Morgan, Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert and the very fast bloodline of Charles Reade through Mrs. Lewis . Mrs. Lewis was also the dam of McAllister by Jubilee King, Knox Reade, Ruby De Jarnette, Stareda, plus three others. Mrs. Lewis was out of Bess Franklin , a Ben Franklin granddaughter. Linbar was the dam of Linsley Lee, she was a foundation mare for Funquest Morgans. She was by Barberry by Night Tide out of Betty Barr by Penrod ( sire of Jubilee King) out of Daisy Knox by the Knox Morgan out of Daisy De Jarnette. Linbar was out of 8 Elberty Linsley by Linsley out of Dolly D. Dolly D was by Dude Hudson out of Donbelle. Allan’s Fancy L was the dam of Funquest Buddy Lee. She was another foundation mare for Funquest Morgans. She was by Tehachapi Allen out of the Sellman bred mare Tab. Tehachapi Allen was by Querido. Tab was by Texas Allen, a Headlight Morgan grandson who was out of a Flying Morrill daughter. Tab’s dam was Birdie by Major Antoine out of Dolly Bonner by Old Jordan. Maggie Linsley was the dam of Allan’s Fancy L. She was by Linsley out of May Hudson. May Hudson, like Linsley, was a Headlight Morgan grandchild. May Hudson’s sire was Dude Hudson, going back to Sherman through Billy Root, Captain Herod, and Ethan Allen. May Hudson’s dam was Hazel S. by Headlight Morgan. Rim Rocket was the dam of Funquest Buddy Lee. Rim Rocket was by the highly regarded stallion Condo, son of the handsome using stallion Congo. Congo was bred by J. Roy Brunk, his sire was Tarron by Tiffany by Mansfield and his dam was Black Dee. Black Dee was by Herodon by Go Hawk out of Galva. Black Dee’s dam was Sentola, full sister to Jubilee King. Galva was strongly Sherman bred, carrying Ben Franklin, Herod and Billy Bodette. Condo, sire of Rim Rocket was no less strongly Sherman bred. He was out of May Burger by Squire Burger by Juzan by Jubilee King. May Burger’s dam was African Maid, by Allen King out of Francis Knox by Knox Morgan out of Bess Franklin by Ben Franklin. Rim Rocket’s dam was Mon Heir Zoran, out of the Pacific North West and sired by Sun Dust, one of a very few descendants of both Quintessence by Jubilee De Jarnette and Golddust who was a tail male Woodbury Morgan and known for both is great beauty and his very great speed. Sun Dust’s dam was Adam’s Monterey by Monterey by Mansfield out of Montana Sunshine by De Jarnette Jr. by Jupiter by Jubilee De Jarnette. Montana Sunshine traced to Sherman and Woodbury on her dam’s side through Herod and Billy Bodette while Monterey’s dam- Scotanna traced to Sherman through Motion and Lambert Chief. Scotanna was by Scotland by General Gates. Mon Heir Zoran’s dam was Rozan- a daughter of Agazizz out of Rozelle. Agazizz was by Juzan by Jubilee King, and out of Gizea by Go Hawk out of Liza Jane. Liza Jane was by Knox Morgan out of Double Daisy by Allan Franklin out of the Billy Bodette daughter Daisy. Double Daisy’s dam was Senata out of that same Billy Bodette daughter Daisy, and sired by Senator. Juzan was by Jubilee King and out of Liza Jane. Making Rozan strong bred indeed. Her dam Rozel was by Romanesque , bred by Richard Sellman, by Red Oak out of Mariah K by 9 Headlight Morgan out of The Admiral’s daughter Sweet Marie. Rozel’s dam was Rocky Hazel by Rockwood out of Hazel L by Linsley. Hazel L was bred by Elmer Brown. Rockwood was by Bennington out of Carolyn. Hazel L.’s dam was Hazel S by Headlight Morgan out of Diamond who goes back to Black Hawk Morgan.

Circle H Pita was the dam of Circle H Merlita and she was by Condo out of Pepita by Sonfield . Pepita was out of Kathleen McCavlin who was by Barney Hudson whose bloodlines are primarily those of Sherman Morgan through Dart, and Dude and Fred Hudson. Her dam however was Miga- like Kathleen McCavlin a mare known for her beauty and her breeding strength. Miga was by Winterset out of Cola by Morgan Star. This is the same blood that is behind Red Correll and is old Midwestern breeding. Winterset was by Captain Jack out of Judea, and Cola was by Morgan Star out of Hebrona Morgan. This line is almost all pure Sherman breeding- they were big and they were known for their strength, speed, and substance.

This is the heritage of OGO Circle H Romanesque, and it is impressive for it’s richness of bloodlines and the blending of all three important Justin Morgan sons. This young stallion should be sound, enduring, athletic, typy, intelligent and an excellent example of Foundation Morgan breeding.

Pedigree Analysis by: Ina M. Ish
October 18, 2008

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