OGO Coraz’on del Toro – 2006 Colt

OGO Coraz'on del Toro

Born – 8/9/06

Toro was born on August 9th, 2006.  Two C Sissy Herod had her huge, buckskin colt 3 weeks early to surprise us all.  Toro’s sire is RanchBoss Cortez.

Toro’s registered name is OGO Coraz’on del Toro, which is translated to mean… OGO Heart of the Bull.

OGO Coraz’on del Toro

OGO Coraz’on del Toro RanchBoss Cortez Primavera Valdez Primavera Vaquero Vaquero Mac Ro Mac
Oh-Cees Gift
Panzarita Ro Ro Mac
Gay Berta
Tia Margarita Tio Lalo Mahan Field
Gay Berta Gay Mac
Roberta Ro
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Hedlite’s Kitty Clover Hedlite’s Bob E A
Piedmont Cresta
Danni-Jo Linns Black Dan Linns Knox
Friday’s Rebel Lode Ranger
Our Girl Friday
Two C Sissy Herod Macs LittleBritches Macs Baby Rich Gold Gold King
Querys Estrabel
Eagers Spring Fling Two Star Eager
Pixie Eager
Golden Judy Golden Crescent Gold King
Becky Flash
Wanona Princess Prince de Jarnette
Frosty Princess
T Tyme Sundays Delight Winterset Cotton Major Cotton Cotton Hills Choice
Missouris Jubilee Queen
Cargills Lady Jubilee Kellogg CK
Goldy Herod
Wests Sweet Sue Wests Bay King California King
Lady Gay
Wests Foxey Lady Spar Man
Cavleen river

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OGO Coraz’on del Toro
(RanchBoss Cortez x Two C Sissy Herod)
2006 Buckskin Colt