OGO Higuera Lucky Seven – 2004 Colt

Higuera Lucky SevenThis good looking, correct colt brings a grand heritage of working horses in his pedigree. His dam is pure old California Western Working Family with all the horses in the fourth generation being registered in 1947 or earlier (mostly much earlier), thus bringing the old ranching heritage up close for today’s breeders. Lucky Seven’s dam and the ancestors were bred by some of the top breeders of good using horses of those eras. Lucky Seven’s sire also brings in some of the best of the old working Morgans both through the WWF and Brunk portions of his pedigree. A pedigree this rich in the working ranch heritage and this pure is very difficult to find. This colt will carry on the tradition and heritage to which he is bred and will be valuable to anyone wishing to breed using Morgans for any endeavor.

Sold to Terry Jensen of TK Land and Cattle Company as a stallion. 

2004 Bay Colt
Higuera Bandido x Castle Monterey 

OGO Higuera Lucky Seven’s OGO foals include: 

*Young colt 

OGO Higuera Lucky Seven Higuera Bandido Celebration Bonfire Senator Graham Senator Knox
Luscious Plains King
Black Dinah
Jubilee Joy Flyhawk Go Hawk
Sentola Penrod
Countess of Copper Kings Ransome Dickies Pride Flying Jubilee
Dawn Mist
Gay Jipsey Gay Mac
Jipsey Allen
Princess Sonfield Sonfield Mansfield
Princess Sabab Sabab
Princess Allan
Castle Monterey Wests Bay King California King Duke Winnemucca
Roseta Cortez
Clovernette Cloverman
Lady Gay Blackman Redman
Gay Jipsey Gay Mac
Jipsey Allen
Castle Ann Oakley Ramona Black Hawk Hedlites Rudy T Hedlite
Piedmont Rosemarie
Daisy Sonfield Sonfield
Raisy D
Toy Ann Muscle Man Trilson
Anita Blossom Sonfield
Blossom E

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OGO Higuera Lucky Seven
(Higuera Bandido x Castle Monterey)
2004 Bay Colt