OGO Higuera Rio Grande – 2004 Colt

Rio Grande

This Colt is SOLD!
Sold to Trudy Haversat & Gary

Here is another of those really good Bandido colts—wonderful sensible temperament and mind coupled with good conformation and good looks. Bandido brings his working heritage and solid pedigree. Rio Grande’s dam also brings in some very good Western Working Family blood along with some other solid old lines. Shatona Karzan is the sire of the dam and he brings in old California ranching blood and some solid working heritage from the L. U. Sheep Co. Ranch also. On the dam side, there is Government, Old Vermont, Brunk, and some more WWF. Rio Grande will be a great friend and working partner, or could be considered as a breeding horse for someone who wants to bring in some good old blood. 

2004 Dark Chestnut Colt
Higuera Bandido x CanDon Battlehill Secord

OGO Higuera Rio Grande’s foals include:

* Young Colt

OGO Higuera Rio Grande Higuera Bandido Celebration Bonfire Senator Graham Senator Knox
Luscious Plains King
Black Dinah
Jubilee Joy Flyhawk Go Hawk
Sentola Penrod
Countess of Copper Kings Ransome Dickies Pride Flying Jubilee
Dawn Mist
Gay Jipsey Gay Mac
Jipsey Allen
Princess Sonfield Sonfield Mansfield
Princess Sabab Sabab
Princess Allan
Candon Battlehill Secord Shatona Karzan Tio Lalo Mahan Field Sonfield
Helen Mala
Palomesa Midnite Sun
Baby O
Twinkle Star Starstone Senator Graham
Belle Meade Townshend Gaymeade
B-Hive Bumblebee Vals Jus March Vigilmarch Orcland Vigildon
Royalton-Jus-Sue Ethan Eldon
Lippitt Suzanne
B-Hive Farms Kanes Show Boy Devan Tip
Miss Kay
Kanes Wee King Captor

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OGO Higuera Rio Grande
(Higuera Bandido x CanDon Battlehill Secord)
2004 Dark Chestnut Colt