OGO Luna Illuminati – 2006 Colt

Illuminati Just 2 Hours Old

Born – 5/25/2006

NEW!! There is a brand new addition to Old Growth Oak Morgans!  Introducing…OGO Luna Illuminati.

Illuminati was born about 8 a.m. on 5-25-06 and is a strapping black stud colt with a small irregular star.  We had just decided that STK Black Velvet was no longer a Morgan Horse, but rather, a ‘Horseopotimus, because she was so huge.

This colt will likely mature between 15.2 – 16.0 hands tall with the height and movement of his sire, Caduceus Denver.   He will have the body, substance and type of his dam, STK Black Velvet.

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OGO Luna Illuminati

OGO Luna Illuminati Caduceus Denver Wyoming Flyhawk Domino Joe Stetson Flyhawk
Midnight Highview King
Lily Black Warhawk Flyhawk
GeeGee Glider
Topside Sable Kings-Haven Senator Senator Graham Senator Knox
Choquita Pride of King
Cinnamon Queen
Topside Sassafras Mickey Finn King Mick
Jubilee Joy
Mon Heir Hope Flamingo
Mon Heir Felicity
STK Black Velvet Whippoorwill Ebony Blackwood Correll Red Correll Will Rogers
Kate Smith
Lady Rockwood Shenandoah Red
May Rockwood
Whippoorwill Locket Whippoorwill Duke Squire Burger
Whippoorwill Starling Bald Mt Black Cloud
Whippoorwill Melody
Whippoorwill Jazzstar Whippoorwill Telstar Whippoorwill Duke Squire Burger
Merry Bellstar Merry Knox
Whippoorwill Jazana Oldwick Eli Black Sambo
Whippoorwill Jazette Whippoorwill Duke
Piankeshaw Juzana

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OGO Luna Illuminati
Caduceus Denver X STK Black Velvet
Black colt, Foaled May 25, 2006
Bred By Old Growth Oak Morgans

Caduceus Denver, was a big, black stallion bred by Dr. Lowell Hughes, he sired at least 30 foals, with perhaps more due in 2008, he was foaled in 1983. He died in 2007. Denver had a great deal of charisma, and passed on that as well as his size and energy to his offspring. He was sired by Wyoming Flyhawk, another popular black stallion , who in turn was sired by Domino Joe.

Denver’s dam was Topside Sable. While the sire side of his pedigree is primarily a mix of Brunk breeding with emphasis on Flyhawk and Jubilee King lines, with a bit of Government through Plains King, and some crosses to Knox Morgan, Denver’s dam side is more Knox Morgan on Jubilee King blood.

Wyoming Flyhawk his sire, was bred by Reed Allen Jr. of Lander, WY. Wyoming Flyhawk was black, sixteen hands and the sire of many foals born between 1976 and 1996- a prodigious number indeed of 132 foals! He was by Domino Joe out of Lily Black. Domino Joe was by Stetson ( Flyhawk X Sentola). [Sentola was a full sister to Jubilee King. ] and Dominio Joe’s dam was Midnight by Highview King out of Lupine. Highview King was bred by Helen Brunk Greenwalt, he was by King de Jarnette out of Sentola. King de Jarnette was by Jubilee King out of Deura. Both Jubilee King and Deura were later sold to Texas, where their offspring went into the Quarter Horse breed. Jubilee King and Sentola were both by Penrod out of Daisette. Penrod was by Allen Franklin out of Black Bess, Allen Franklin was by Jasper Franklin by Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert by Ethan Allen 50 by Black Hawk Morgan by Sherman Morgan by Justin Morgan. Black Bess was by Jubilee De Jarnette by Jubilee Lambert by Daniel Lambert, and her dam (The John HooverMare) was by Tom Corwin by Young Green Mountain who went back to Woodbury Morgan. So Black Bess in addition to her Sherman top line, and her Sherman bottom mare line- her dam had Little Giant behind her and he was by Black Hawk Morgan, brings in Woodbury through his son Gifford. Jubilee De Jarnette who was the sire of Black Bess , was out of the very famous mare Lady De Jarnette. She was so unbeatable at show that in time nobody would show against her and she only put on exhibitions. Lady De Jarnette was by Indian Chief by Blood’s Vermont Black Hawk and her dam was Belle by Litton’s Warfield. The Wood Mare , who was the dam of Little Giant went back to Woodbury top and bottom of her pedigree. Allen Franklin’s dam was Daisy by Billy Bodette. Daisy was one of JC Brunk’s foundation mares, she was the dam of twelve foals, and carried 22 crosses to Justin Morgan. Billy Bodette, her sire Billy Bodette went back to Sherman through Billy Root, and the more scarce -Royal Morgan. Daisy’s dam -Al Hastings Mare- also carried Sherman through Billy Root to Billy Folsum. In addition she had lines to Gifford Morgan, and to Bulrush Morgan through Randolph Morgan. Daisy was of Ancient Vermont breeding, and was foaled in Vermont in 1884, bred by Lemuel Hunt. Jasper Franklin, sire of Allen Franklin, was out of the Daniel Lambert daughter Twilight. Twilight’s dam was Hannah, she was by Ti Boy by Black Hawk by Sherman Morgan.

Daisette, the dam of both Sentola and Jubilee King was by Senator Knox out of Daisy De Jarnette. Senator Knox was by the Knox Morgan out of Senata. Knox Morgan was the sire of 55 Morgan registered foals. He was born in Maine in 1891 bred by Augustus Dunlap. He became a premier stallion for JC Brunk and died at Cotton Hill Farm in 1919. Knox Morgan was by Mountaineer Morgan by Vincent Horse by the Shedd Horse by Vermont Morgan Champion by Sherman Morgan.

Strong as his Sherman Morgan blood was, Knox Morgan on his sire side also carried the blood of Bulrush through the Jennison colt. He also had a line to Woodbury through Gifford via Mountaineer Morgan. Knox Morgan’s dam was The Augustus Dunlap mare – she by Sagadahoc by General Knox, out of a mare by Spragues Ethan Allen. Spragues Ethan Allen went back to Woodbury through his sire Putnam Morgan and his dam the Partridge mare- both were by Woodbury. Putnam Morgans dam was Nancy by Chanticleer by Justin Morgan, and the Partridge mare’s dam was out of a daughter of Sherman Morgan. That mare by Spragues Ethan Allen, the dam of The Augustus Dunlap mare went back to Sherman again through Priscilla by Black Hawk Morgan. The Knox Morgan was an extremely influential horse, one who still has influence on today’s Morgans. When he was bred to Senata to produce Senator Knox his influence became legion through his grandson Senator Graham.

Senata was perhaps JC Brunk’s most famous mare, she was without question a beautiful animal and of Ancient Vermont breeding. She was by Senator out of Daisy- the same Daisy who was dam to Allen Franklin. Senator was by Morgan Rupert X Nell. Morgan Rupert was by Ethan Allen 3rd. who was by Ethan Allen 2nd by Peter’s Morgan by Vermont Morgan by Gifford by Woodbury. Vermont Morgan’s dam was Jennie by Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan by Gifford. Very strong Woodbury breeding here. Peter’s Morgan’s dam was the Wilson Partridge mare by Morgan Hunter 2nd by Morgan Hunter by Gifford again. However, Morgan Hunter 2nd’s dam – a mare by The Colby Horse went back to not only Sherman via Colby, but back to Bulrush by a daughter of his. Though the Wilson Partridge mare Peter’s Morgan picked up another line to Woodbury through General Hibbard, and to Bulrush again through the Croyden mare. Ethan Allen 2nd , by Peter’s Morgan, had as his dam the Stephen Dow mare. She was by Ethan Allen 50 by Black Hawk, bringing in Sherman again. Ethan Allen 50’s dam was Poll by Red Robin by Justin Morgan. The Stephen Dow mare’s dam was Jennie who was the dam of Vermont Morgan.{mospagebreak}

Ethan Allen 3 was out of Kitty Thurber Wiggins Mare. She by Cushing’s Green Mountain by Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan by Gifford out of the Nathan Whitcomb mare who was by Woodbury out of a daughter of Justin Morgan. Cushing’s Green Mountain was out of the Nathaniel Goss mare. She was by Billy Root by Sherman out of the Crane Mare by Royal Morgan by Sherman. The bottom of the Kitty Thurber Wiggins mare goes back to Sherman primarily. The top side of her pedigree is fairly equal in the blood of Woodbury and of Sherman. Nell, who was the dam of Morgan Rupert was by Cushing’s Green Mountain also, but she was out of the Watson Mare by Wood’s Comet by Billy Root and out of the Watson mare by Royal Morgan. So Nell on the dam side of her pedigree was Sherman Morgan in great strength via Royal Morgan, Billy Root, the Crane Mare and the Batchelder Horse. Likewise Senator’s dam (Lucy) was strong Sherman blood through virtually the same horses as behind Nell. Senata had nine foals and was Grand Champion Mare of the 1904 St. Lewis World’s Fair, where Knox Morgan was Grand Champion Stallion at the same show.

Daisy De Jarnette, dam of Daisette was by Jubilee De Jarnette out of Ben’s Daisy. Both sire and dam go back to Daniel Lambert via Jubilee Lambert , Ben Franklin and Daisy who is behind Senata. This then is the dam line behind Stetson, sire of Domino Joe. Stetson was by Flyhawk, and Flyhawk was by Go Hawk, one of two stallions that JC Brunk brought into his breeding program besides Knox Morgan. Go Hawk was by Sunny Hawk out of Bombo. Sunny Hawk is almost pure Sherman blood carrying Sherman Black Hawk, Vernol’s Black Hawk, Black Hawk on his sire side, his dam- Whitefoot was by Hercules by Herod by King Herod by Sherman Black Hawk. Bombo, dam of Go Hawk brings in Bulrush blood and Woodbury blood as well as more Sherman blood. Bombo was by Hawkins by Hercules by Herod. Hawkins was out of Gipsey by Brown Flying Cloud out of Nellie. Brown Flying Cloud was by Golden Forest who was a grandson of the famous Woodbury stallion Golddust. Golddust also carried Sherman through his sire’s ( Vermont Morgan) dam. Golddust was the fastest trotter of his day. While he sired only 87 Morgan foals, his total progeny numbered 302! 19 were registered as Saddlebred, and the rest were taken in the Trotting Horse registry. Golden Forest was out of Lady Forrester who went back to Sherman on her sire line and to Woodbury on her dam’s line. Nora was the dam of Brown Flying Cloud and she repeats the pattern of Sherman Woodbury mix. With an additional line to Bulrush on her dam’s side via the Black Bulrush mare to Ed Rankin Mare to Maggie, her dam. Nellie, the dam of Gipsey , dam of Hawkins, was by John R. X Gailbaugh Mare who was by Morgan Lion by Royal Morgan. John R was by Panic by Ethan Allen 50 by Black Hawk. Panic was out of a Sherman Black Hawk daughter, and Morgan Lion was out of a Billy Root daughter. Bombo, the dam of Go Hawk had as her dam Goldy by Hero Of Manilla. out of Lil who was by Paw Paw Chief out of a crème Arabian Mare. Paw Paw Chief was Morgan by benefit of his dam- the Holmes mare who was a daughter of Revenge by Snake Mountain Black Hawk by Sherman Black Hawk by Black Hawk by Sherman. Hero of Manilla is a different story however- he was by Herod by King Herod by Sherman Morgan. Herod’s dam was by Green Mountain Boy by Black Hawk. Morrill Queen the dam of Hero of Manilla was by Winnebago Chief by Mountain Chief by Morrill by The Jennison Colt by the Randolph Morgan by Bulrush Morgan. There is another line to Bulrush Morgan through Olive the dam of Morrill Queen. Olive was by Monogram by Fearnaught by Perkin’s Young Morrill. Sherman Morgan is present in this side of the pedigree of Olive in that her dam was a granddaughter of Black Hawk . That mare -The Beach Mare- was also a granddaughter of Revenge by Justin Morgan.

Domino Joe’s dam was Midnight. Midnight was sired by Highview King out of Lupine by Plains King. Highview King was by King De Jarnette ( Jubilee King out of Deura). Deura was by Senator Knox out of Penala. Panela was by Penrod, sire of Jubilee King and Sentola, and out of Galva. Galva was by Billy Herod out of Chista.

Billy Herod was by Herod out of the FS Bailey Mare. Herod we have met before and he goes back to Sherman Morgan. The FS Bailey Mare was by the TB Cleveland and out of the FS Bailey Morgan mare by Joslyn Morgan who also went back to Sherman Morgan through Black Hawk as well as to Sherman through the Rev Green mare an own daughter of Sherman. Chista, dam of Galva was by Chetco out of Lucy by Billy Bodette. Chetco was by Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert and Billy Bodette goes back to Sherman through Billy Root and the James Greeley mare, another own daughter of Sherman. The dam of Highview King was Sentola. Lupine who was the dam of Midnight was by Plains King and out of Mallow. This is LU Sheep Co breeding. Plains King was by Romanesque and bred by the Hiebert Brothers of Kansas. His dam was Ella Linsley. Plains King sired 116 Morgan foals! Romanesque was bred by Richard Sellman, and sired 67 Registered Morgan get, plus an amazing 318 others for the Remount Service. Romanesque was sired by Red Oak, bred in Middlebury , VT by the Government Farm. Red Oak was by General Gates out of Marguerite. Marguerite was by White River Morgan out of the John P Marsh mare. Marguerite’s pedigree is primarily Sherman blood through Black Hawk with a line to Woodbury through Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan. Mariah K was the dam of Romanesque. She was a classic Sellman mare being by Headlight Morgan out of Sweet Marie by The Admiral. Headlight Morgan was by Ethan Allen 2nd out of Lady Stratton by Vermont Morgan , who was also the grandsire of Ethan Allen 2nd. Vermont Morgan was by General Grant by Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan by Gifford Morgan by Woodbury Morgan. General Grant’s dam was the Hopkins mare by the Bachop Horse by Sherman Morgan. Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan had as his dam the Nathan Whitcomb mare by Woodbury out of a daughter of Justin Morgan- a half sibling breeding. Vermont Morgan’s dam was the Alfred Adams mare- she was by the Jerome Cox horse by Ransom Horse by Morgan Tally Ho by Woodbury. The Jerome Cox horse was out of the Cox mare by Blazing Star by Justin Morgan. Sherman is present behind the Alfred Adams mare through her dam the Adams Mare. That mare who was by Addison by Black Hawk Morgan. Sweet Marie by The Admiral out of Sweetheart by Gold Medal. The Admiral goes back to Jubilee Lambert and Winnebago Chief via Jubilee De Jarnette and Morrill Queen. Sweetheart by Gold Medal brings in via her sire more Sherman Morgan, through Sherman Black Hawk, and Black Hawk himself. He also brought in more Woodbury through Gifford via the Moody Mare and Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan. Nell Gordon, Sweetheart’s dam, was by Major Gordon by Octoroon Jr. by Octoroon who goes back to Woodbury via the Putnam Morgan and to Bulrush via The Johnson Mare as well as to Hawkins Horse by Justin Morgan via Davy Crockett.

Lily Black was the dam of Wyoming Flyhawk. She was sired by Warhawk out of Geegee. Warhawk was another of the golden cross of Flyhawk and Sentola. He was a full brother to Stetson. Geegee was a daughter of Glider out of June.

Geegee was bred by George Cross, Glider was a son of Jubilee King out of Gizea by Go Hawk out of Liza Jane by The Knox Morgan. June, dam of Geegee was by Imperial out of Smike Number 2 by Imperial out of Smike. June was also bred by George Cross , as was Smike No 2 . June was steel gray and Smike No 2 is listed as dirty gray. Smike herself is listed as gray, but breeding is not traced. Imperial on the other hand was by Admiral George Dewey out of Duchess by Meteor Jr.{mospagebreak}

Admiral George Dewey was by The Admiral out of Adventure. The Admiral played such a heavy part in the breeding program of Richard Sellman, which is a basis for the Working Western Family of Morgans. The Admiral was by Jubilee De Jarnette out of Morrill Queen- combining the bloodlines of Sherman and Bulrush via Daniel Lambert and on Morrill Queen’s part- via Winnebago Chief , her sire. Adventure , dam of Admiral George Dewey was by Venture by Aristos X BW Burleigh mare by Abraham. Both Aristos and Abraham were sons of Daniel Lambert. Duchess the dam of Imperial , was sired by Meteor Jr and out of the Alden Fell mare by Winnebago Chief Jr. . So the Alden Fell mare gives us more lines going back to Sherman, Woodbury, and Bulrush. Her dam was by JAD who went back to Sherman Black Hawk, and to St. Lawrence who went back to Hawkins Horse by Justin Morgan.

Topside Sable was the dam of Caduceus Denver. She was by Kings Haven Senator out of Topside Sassafras by Mickey Finn. Kings Haven Senator was the sire of 96 Morgan foals. He was sired by Senator Graham out of Choquita. Senator Graham was bred by Elmer Brown of Halstead, KS, he was the sire of 118 foals- many of whom made their name in the Morgan Show ring . Senator Graham was by Senator Knox by Knox Morgan. Fanita was the dam of Senator Graham, she was by Tiffany out of Benita by Knox Morgan. Fanita was bred by JC Brunk. Benita her dam was by Ben Franklin out of Daisy- who was the same Daisy as behind Allen Franklin. Choquita dam of Kings haven Senator , was by Pride of King out of Cinnamon Queen. Pride of King was by King Shenandoah out of Rarette by Jubilee King out of Nella by Allen King x Liza Jane. King Shenandoah was by Shenandoah by Bennington out of Ruby. The dam of King Shenandoah was Violet King. Ruby goes back to Gifford Morgan heavily on both her sire ‘s side and her dam’s side. They were Pete Morgan ( sire) and WH Whittaker mare ( dam). Ruby also had lines to Bulrush through the James Granger mare on her bottom line via Morrill through Hutchinson Morrill, and to Daniel Lambert , he being the sire of the James Granger mare’s dam. Violet King dam of King Shenandoah, was by Morgan King who went back to Black Hawk Morgan on both sided of his pedigree. While Violet King’s dam -Black Belle 2nd- by Black Foxy brought in more Black Hawk Morgan and a line to Gifford Morgan. King Shenandoah was her only foal. Rarette by Jubilee King out of Nella, brought in two more crosses to Knox Morgan. Her sire Jubilee King got his Knox Morgan through Daisette by Senator Knox, and her dam, Nella got her Knox Morgan through Liza Jane her dam and and own daughter of Knox Morgan.

Cinnamon Queen , dam of Choquita, was by Cinnamon Lad out of Illawana Bess. Cinnamon Lad was bred by Helen Greenwalt and the sire of eleven Morgan foals. He was sired by Plains King, bred by the Heibert Brothers, and out of Allana by Allen King. Allana’s dam was Ruby Reade, by triple registered Charles Reade out of Ruby by Jubilee De Jarnette. Charles Reade , registered as Morgan, Saddlebred, and Trotting horse ( ATR) was by Woodward’s Ethan Allen, a son of Ethan Allen 50 by Black Hawk, and his dam was Princess Dagmar, a daughter of Daniel Lambert. Woodward’s Ethan Allen was a full brother to Daniel Lambert.

Ruby by Jubilee De Jarnette was out of Bess Franklin by Chetco by Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert.. Intense Sherman through Danial Lambert and Woodward’s Ethan Allen breeding here for certain. Illawana Bess had no less an illustrious pedigree. She was by Ken Carmen out of Gosette. Ken Carmen was by Jubilee King out of Heroda by Allen King out of Galva, and Gosette was by Go Hawk out of Daisette by Senator Knox. Galva was by Billy Herod out of Chista by Chetco.

Topside Sassafras, dam of Denver’s dam, Topside Sable – was by Mickey Finn by King Mick by McAllister by Jubilee King. Mickey Finn was out of Jubilee Joy ( Flyhawk X Sentola) and King Mick was out of Jeanne by Knox Reade By Knox Morgan out of Mrs. Lewis by Charles Reade X Bess Franklin. Mon Heir Hope was the dam of Topside Sassafras. Mon Heir Hope was bred by Ira Cochran of Walla Walla, Washington. She brings in the bloodlines of Golddust whose family did thrive in the Pacific North West. Hope was sired by Flamingo by Colonel Battell by Monterey by Mansfield. Hope’s dam was Mon Heir Felicity. It is through Colonel Battell that we get the first of the Golddust family’s appearance. Colonel Battell was out of Quadroon by Justin’s Silhouette X Adam’s Traveler. Quadroon has behind her the mare Seawan on both sides of her pedigree- it is Seawan who goes back to Golddust who was a famous and beautiful , as well as fast Woodbury horse. Quintessence the son of Jubilee De Jarnette is in Quadroon as well as Senata and Alice Dean who brings in King Herod, more Sherman blood. Mon Heir Felicity, dam of Mon Heir Hope, was sired by the Agazizz son Nemaha Herod who was out of Goldy Herod. He was bred by Robert Tynan Jr. of Stella, Nebraska. Agazizz was by the Jubilee King son Juzan out of Gizea by Go Hawk out of Liza Jane. Juzan was also out of Liza Jane, bringing in two strong Knox Morgan lines since Knox Morgan was the sire of Liza Jane. Who was a black mare with a silver tail by the way. Liza Jane’s dam was Double Daisy ( Allen Franklin X Senata). Goldy Herod , the dam of Nemaha Herod , was by Herod Panic out of Kitty Edna. Goldy Herod brings in three Charles Reade lines to Winterset, as well as three lines to Herod who went to Sherman. Goldy Herod also brought in St. L by Rancho by Francois Bourke Horse by Morin Horse by Saint Lawrence, on Rancho’s dam’s side he brought in Royal Morgan and Black Hawk Morgan. The dam of St. L was Ben’s Daisy by Ben Franklin out of by now the familiar Daisy by Billy Bodette. Gratitude, who was the dam of Mon Heir Felicity was by Calgary by Sea Quail. The dam of Gratitude was Adam’s Traveler. Adam’s Traveler was the dam of Quadroon- the same breeding that goes back to Golddust as is behind Colonel Battell. Calgary was out of Alice Dean. Flamingo, the son of Colonel Battell and the sire of Mon Heir Hope was out of Montana Sunshine. She was by De Jarnette Jr. out of Alice Dean. Blending Sherman and Woodbury once again. This is the pedigree of Caduceus Denver the sire of OGO Luna Illuminati.
STK Black Velvet is the dam of OGO Luna Illuminati. She is sired by Whippoorwill Ebony out of Whippoorwill Jazstar. Whippoorwill Ebony represents the first generation of the introduction of Red Correll and Winterset to the McCulloch Farm breeding program being by Blackwood Correll out of Whippoorwill Locket. Whippoorwill Ebony, after siring seven Morgan foals, was gelded and competed very successfully in FEI Level Open Dressage as Black Tie Affair. He is half brother to McCulloch Farm’s Champion Reiner- Whippoorwill New Moon.

Blackwood Correll was by Red Correll out of Lady Rockwood. Red Correll was by Will Rogers out of the beautiful mare Kate Smith. Will Rogers was by Herod Panic by Herod Golddusty by Winterset. Will Rogers dam was Cardinal by Winterset. Herod Panic was also the sire of Goldy Herod the dam of Nemaha Herod. Herod Panic’s dam was Miga by Winterset as well. Winterset’s dam was Judea by Prince Herod, going back to Sherman once again. Miga dam of Herod Panic was out of Cola by Morgan Star who went back to Black Hawk Morgan on both sides of his pedigree- multiple times. Cola’s dam was Hebrona Morgan. She was by Fred Hudson out of Hebrona by Herod. Hebrona carries a line to Gifford Morgan through her dam, the Gratton Mare who was out of Susie Goldust by Golddust by Vermont Morgan by Barnard Morgan by Gifford Morgan by Woodbury. Vermont Morgan’s dam was an own daughter of Sherman Morgan . Fred Hudson the sire of Hebrona Morgan, he was by Little Crow by Reconstruction by Vermont Boy by Billy Root by Sherman.

Little Crow’s dam was Dolly Wright by Sherman BlackHawk. Fred Hudson’s dam was Topsey by Panic by Ethan Allen 50 by Black Hawk. Panic’s dam was Dolly Merriam. Dolly Merriam was by Sherman Black Hawk out of an daughter of Sherman- the CD Noble Mare. Kate Smith the dam of Red Correll was by Romanesque out of Bird L. She was bred by Elmer Brown of Halstead, Kansas. Romanesque, bred by Richard Sellman , was by Red Oak out of Mariah K by Headlight Morgan. Red Oak was by General Gates out of Marguerite by White River Morgan. Marguerite carried both Woodbury, through Gifford, and Sherman through Black Hawk, with the Sherman blood being predominant. Marguerite was bred by JP Marsh but owned by Joseph Battell. Red Oak was bred by the Government Farm in Vermont.

Mariah K, dam of Romanesque was a classic Sellman mare being by Headlight Morgan out of Sweet Marie a daughter of The Admiral. Headlight Morgan was by Ethan Allen 2nd by Peters Vermont Morgan, by Vermont Morgan by Gifford Morgan by Woodbury. The dam of Ethan Allen 2nd brought in both Sherman blood , and the blood of Red Robin by Justin Morgan as well as Woodbury through Gifford Morgan.

Headlight Morgan’s dam- Lady Stratton carried more Woodbury than Sherman blood

plus the blood of a Justin Morgan daughter who was the dam of the Nathan Whitcomb mare who was dam of Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan , grandsire of Lady Stratton. Sweet Marie, dam of Mariah K, by The Admiral out of Sweetheart by Gold Medal had forty eight crosses to Justin Morgan. The Admiral was by Jubilee De Jarnette out of Morrill Queen, blending Sherman with Bulrush Morgan. Sweetheart her dam, by Gold Medal by Meteor Jr. by Young Rix by Chieftain by Black Hawk Morgan being mostly Sherman on his sire line also had a cross to Revenge by Justin Morgan through Buckskin. Meteor Jr.’s dam line is primarily Woodbury Morgan breeding. Gold Medal, on his dam’s side was a mix of Sherman, Woodbury and Messenger blood. Nell Gordon dam of Sweetheart was by Major Gordon by Octoroon Jr. He was by Octoroon who carried Woodbury through the Putnam Morgan, Bulrush Morgan through the Charles Hubbell mare who was a daughter of Justin Morgan, as well as two other lines to Bulrush, and a line to the Hawkins Horse by Justin Morgan.{mospagebreak}

Bird L, the dam of Kate Smith was by Linsley out of Lemax. Linsley by General Gates out of Sunflower Maid brought in more Headlight Morgan and more Bulrush Morgan through her dam Fanny P. Fanny P was Bulrush breeding top and bottom of her pedigree. Being a granddaughter of Winnebago Chief by Morrill and a granddaughter of Morrill again through Vermont Ranger by Morrill. Lemax , Bird L’s dam, was bred by Elmer Brown of Halstead , Kansas. She was by Sparhawk out of Bird Hudson. Sparhawk was by Dart, by Dude, by Fred by Captain Herod. Dart’s dam was Bess Franklin by Chetco by Ben Franklin. Sparhawk’s dam was Lucy Hale by St. L who was behind Goldy Herod , the dam of Nemaha Herod . Lucy Hale’s dam Ethel L was a great granddaughter of Gifford Morgan as well as a great, great, great granddaughter of Gifford and of Black Hawk Morgan. Bird Hudson, dam of Lemax, was by Dude Hudson by Fred Hudson by Little Crow by Reconstruction. Dude Hudson’s dam was Velma by Dude by Fred by Captain Herod. Her dam, Pet was also by Fred – making two lines back to Sherman through Black Hawk. Velma had a line to Bulrush through Young Green Mountain Morgan and lines to Woodbury through Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan. She had an additional line to Sherman through Billy Root.

Lady Rockwood, dam of Blackwood Correll, was by Shenandoah Red by Red Correll out of Shenandoah Queen by King Shenandoah out of Rarette. King Shenandoah was by Shenandoah out of Violet King. This breeding is also behind Topside Sable on Denver’s pedigree. May Rockwood, the dam of Lady Rockwood was by Rockwood out of May Hudson. Rockwood was by Bennington out of Carolyn by Ethan Woodbury. Ethan Woodbury was by Ethan Allen 3rd out of Lady Laura. Lady Laura was by Bob Morgan out of Laura. Lady Laura’s pedigree goes back to Woodbury through Gifford via Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan and to Sherman via Billy Root and Comet. Lady Laura was also known as the Harrison Orcutt mare and is truly of Old Vermont breeding. May Hudson, dam of May Rockwood was out of Hazel S, bred by Fred Skinner of Meade, Kansas. She was by Headlight Morgan out of Diamond by Telescope Ethan. Telescope Ethan was by Holabird’s Ethan Allen by Ethan Allen 50, and out of Fanny. Holabird’s Ethan Allen also carried Woodbury Morgan through Morgan Talley Ho and through Flying Morgan, grandsire of Fanny.

Diamond’s dam also went back to Woodbury through Putnam Morgan, twice, through Wilson’s Blue Bull. This is the breeding behind Blackwood Correll.

Whippoorwill Locket was the dam of Whippoorwill Ebony. Locket was the last daughter of Whippoorwill Duke out of Whippoorwill Starling by Bald Mt. Black Cloud.

Though not a tall mare, Whippoorwill Locket was a big moving mare and a excellent producer as well as a very elegant mare . Ebony had as his maternal half brother, Whippoorwill Signet by Serenity Marchtime, and Whippoorwill Talisman by Whippoorwill New Moon who was a paternal half brother to Ebony as well. Whippoorwill Starling by Bald Mt Black Hawk

was out of Whippoorwill Melody. Whippoorwill Melody , like Whippoorwill Duke was sired by Squire Burger a son of Juzan by Jubilee King out of Nella. The difference between the siblings is that Duke was out of Diana Mansfield ( Mansfield X Lippitt Trixie Ash) while Whippoorwill Melody was out of Locket ( Hawk Jim X Charm by Captor). Captor was by Mansfield out of Narissa and when bred to his full sister Dimity, Charm was produced. This is pure US Government Farm breeding, which was also used by The Devan Stud as their foundation bloodlines. Narissa was by Troubadour of Willowmoor out of Ellen. Troubadour of Willowmoor was by Troubadour who was by Jubilee De Jarnette out of Fanny 2nd, who was a granddaughter of both Ethan Allen 2nd, and Ethan Allen 3rd. Ellen, dam of Narissa was by Rocky Mountain by Motion by Daniel Lambert. Ellen’s dam was the Lamb mare who brought into this strong Sherman breeding a line to Bulrush through Benedict Morrill, and a line to Gifford through Young Benedict Morrill. Lippitt Trixie Ash, dam of Diana Mansfield, was sired by the Foundation Lippitt stallion Ashbrook out of Lippitt Trixie. Lippitt Trixie was by Ethan Roberts and out of the Knox Morgan daughter stb The Charles Kent Mare. Lippitt Trixie was owned by Robert Lippitt Knight and is a Foundation Lippitt mare. Ethan Roberts was by Ethan Allen 3rd out of Pauline ( Billy Roberts X Daisy Bodette by Billy Bodette). Ancient Vermont breeding here with Sherman, Woodbury as well, but Sherman being predominant on Lippitt Trixie’s pedigree. Whippoorwill Starling’s sire Bald Mt Black Cloud was by Easter Twilight out of Tinkerbelle by Sealect out of Friendly. Easter Twilight’s sire was Lippitt Sam Twilight and his dam was Conniedale by Lippitt Croyden Ethan X Annadale by Monterey out of Florette- the dam of Flyhawk. Monterey was US Government breeding, being by Mansfield out of Scotanna by Scotland out of Roxanna a granddaughter of Motion by Daniel Lambert. Scotland was by General Gates out of the Daniel Lambert granddaughter Highland Mary. Lippitt Croyden Ethan went back to Ashbrook, and to Ethan Allen 2nd and third as well as having two crossed to Croyden Prince another Lippitt Foundation stallion. So within these lines you have primarily Woodbury breeding, but there is some Sherman blood as well though BlackHawk, Bulrush comes in twice through two daughters and Red Robin comes in twice as well. Tinkerbelle, dam of Bald Mt. Black Cloud was by Sealect- by Sir Ethan Allen by Ethan Allen 3. Sealect’s dam was the Knox Morgan daughter Bell Marea out of the Underwood Mare who was by Ned Norton, (a Gifford Morgan grandson), crossed with Little Fannie. Little Fannie brought in one line to Sherman, one line to Woodbury, two lines to Morrill, two lines to Bulrush through Morrill’s sire The Randolf Horse, two lines to Justin Morgan through his daughters -given no name- and one more to Justin through Chanticleer. Quite a pedigree indeed, the heaviest in Bulrush so far in this pedigree. Friendly was the dam of Tinkerbelle, she was by Mansfield out of Ulwina.

Ulwina was by Bennington out of Juno, making Mansfield and Ulwina half siblings.

Juno was by Forester out of Gertrude. Forester was by Meteor 2nd by Meteor X Lady Alice by Winnebago Chief. Meteor goes back to Sherman top and bottom of his pedigree while Lady Alice by Winnebago Chief goes back to Bulrush, Sherman and Woodbury. Forester’s dam was Eleanor Gates by General Gates out of Ellen by Rocky Mountain who goes back to Daniel Lambert through Motion sire of Rocky Mountain. Ellen was the dam of Narissa. Gertrude, dam of Juno was by General Gates out of the Daniel Lambert daughter Caroline. Friendly, obviously was US Government Farm breeding.

Whippoorwill Jazstar was the dam of STK Black Velvet. She was purchased along with her dam, Whippoorwill Jazana at the 1986 Production Sale of McCulloch Farm- Whippoorwill Ebony was purchased at the same sale. Jazstar was sired by Whippoorwill Telstar one of the last breeding sons of Whippoorwill Duke. Whippoorwill Jazana was by Oldwick Eli , a Foundation Stallion for McCulloch Farm. He was a black 15 hand stallion, and the sire of 20 Morgan foals. Eli was sired by Black Sambo who was by Magellan by Goldfield out of Topaz. Black Sambo was a 14.3 hand black stallion bred by the Government Farm. Goldfield was by Mansfield out of Juno. Magellan’s dam -Topaz- was by Mansfield out of Lady Lyndon. Lady Lyndon was by Lyndon out of Brown Beauty by Bob Morgan. She was bred by H Orcutt of Vermont. Lyndon went back to Billy Root, Billy Folsum, Royal Morgan , Black Morgan- all of whom went back to Sherman Morgan. Brown Beauty was by Bob Morgan. he was sired by Ethan Allen 2nd and was Sherman breeding on most of the lines of his pedigree with Hale’s Green Mountain by Gifford Morgan present twice. Bob Morgan was bred by WR Rosebrooks and sired thirty eight foals, he was a bay standing 15 hands and weighing 1,000 lbs. Beauty, the dam of Brown Beauty was by Pete Morgan out of Laura. Pete Morgan went back to Gifford on his top line though Peter’s Morgan by Vermont Morgan by Gifford. Pete Morgan’s dam went back to Morrill to Bulrush on her sire line and to Gifford on her dam’s side. Laura -the dam of Beauty – was by Morgan Tiger by Black Morgan going back to Sherman Morgan. His dam, a Chestnut mare was by Comet by Billy Root and her dam went back to Royal Morgan- more concentrated Sherman blood. Laura’s dam went back to Sherman through Billy Root both top and bottom of her pedigree. Black Sambo’s dam was Ambition by Bennington out of Quietude by Troubadour of Willomoor. Quietude’s dam was Ruth. Ruth’s was by Renard out of Laura Jay. Renard was a son of Billy Roberts, going to Billy Root three times on his sire’s side and once to Woodbury via The Putnam Morgan. On his dam’s (Topsy) side Renard brought in more Billy Root through Billy Bodette and more Royal Morgan as well as a Woodbury line through Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan. Laura Jay, the dam of Ruth was by Ethan Allen 3rd out of Fanny Jay by Billy Roberts going back to Billy Root again. Fanny Jay was out of Rose by Young General Gifford , who despite his name , was sired by Bodette horse who went back to Sherman via Bachop Green Mountain. Gifford came in though the dam of Young General Gifford, who also brought in more Sherman blood.

Lapatica was the dam of Oldwick Eli. She was by Dude S. Sentney. He was by Juzan out of Helen Herod. Juzan was by Jubilee King out of the Knox Morgan daughter Liza Jane. Helen Herod was by Senator Graham out of Goldy Herod. Senator Graham was a Knox Morgan grandson, and Goldy Herod was a double Winterset bred mare. Hepatica, the dam of Lapatica was by Monterey out of Isis. She was the dam of Pecos, perhaps her most famous son. Isis was by Claremont out of Ruby. Claremont was by Lambertus by Daniel Lambert. His dam – Kate Allen- was by Delong’s Ethan Allen by Ethan Allen 50 by Black Hawk. Kate Allen’s dam was Old Kate by Black Lion by Black Hawk Morgan. Ruby, dam of isis was also by Delong’s Ethan Allen. The dam of Ruby was the henry Lathop mare who went back to Black Hawk Morgan through Green Mountain Banner and through The Churchill Horse.

Whippoorwill Jazette was by Whippoorwill Duke out of Piankeshaw Juzana.

Jazette was referred to by Mrs. Vasiloff, McCulloch Farms owner and her breeder as a “ mortgage lifter”- she was the kind of mare who not only made your farm’s name by wining in saddle pairs, harness, carriage , but was a regular mount in Western, bareback, side saddle, as well as trail and drill team work. Her foals were always exceptional and sold rapidly. Jazette was the dam of Whippoorwill Jazana. Jazette’s dam Piankeshaw Juzana, was by Dell’s Valley Jubilee out of Zana. Dells’s Valley Jubilee was by Plainsman out of Jusista by Jubilee King. Plainsman was by Plains King out of Sentola. Jubilee King and Sentola were full brother and sister. Jusista’s dam was Senorita by Charles Reade out of Senata. Plains King was by Romanesque out of Ella Linsley. Zana , the dam of Piankeshaw Juzana was by Tarron out of Aleada. Tarron was by Tiffany out of the African Maid. The African Maid was by Allen King out of Frances Knox by Knox Morgan out of Bess Franklin by Chetco- familiar and beautiful breeding here indeed. Aleada was by Jubilee King out of Ruby De Jarnette who was by Allen King out of Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Lewis was by Charles Reade out of Bess Franklin.

Whippoorwill Telstar, who was the sire of Whippoorwill Jazstar was by Whippoorwill Duke and out of Merry Bellstar. Merry Bellstar was bred by Mabel Owen. Merry Bellstar was sired by Merry Knox and out of Belldale who was by Lippitt Croyden Ethan out of Annadale. Merry Knox was by Meade out of April Showers by Squire Burger out of Easter Maid. Meade was by Goldfield out of Glady by Mansfield X Lady Sealect by Sealect out of My Lady Knox by Knox Morgan. Easter Maid was by Jubilee King out of Allana by Allen King out of Ruby Reade by Charles Reade. Heavy Brunk breeding going to Sherman with the added elegance of Knox Morgan.

With all the famous and foundation horses behind him, this young stallion OGO Luna Illuminati should be an incredible breeding horse- he carries substance, size, soundness, and great beauty in his family. He should be a truly Classic Morgan stallion with true Morgan motion and attitude.

Pedigree Analysis By:
Ina M. Ish
November 30, 2008
Longstreet Consulting