OGO Morgan Horses Sold

Wendy breeds mares having the good blood of themely bred, Foundation, Working Western Family bloodlines.  She works closely with other Morgan Horse Breeders to bring to foal the best of the old WWF who were bred for true Morgan type and using ability.

Congratulations to the Purchasers of the following OGO Morgan horses!

*most recent first

OGO Foals Sold, Sale Pending, Leased, or otherwise, Not Available For Sale.

  • Circle H Merlita retired re-homed as a pasture mate.
  • OGO Higuera Rio Bravo re-homed to a breeding program
  • OGO Circle H Romanesque Re-homed to a breeding program
  • OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso gelded
  • Ursulas Higuera Bandita Re-homed to a non breeder
  • OGO FLower of the Prairie  Re-homed to a non breeder
  • OGO Circle H RoseWood – Sold
  • OGO Shawalla El Cortez – Stolen and slaughtered.
  • OGO Circle H Hunewill – Stolen and slaughtered.
  • Golden Wintermist – Sold to Val Cabassiss of Beautifully Balanced Morgans.
  • CFF Texas Tea – Sold to EastWest Morgans.
  • OGO EastWest Coast – Sold to EastWest Morgans.
  • Kelly’s Blackfire  – Sold
  • OGO Cavenglo King JubileeSold
  • OGO Waers Gold Star Sold
  • OGO WindSwept Soleil Sold to Shelley Dodd of Top Line Low Line cattle.
  • OGO Castle El Spar Carmel – Sold with 2 retained ‘filly’ breedings. 
  • OGO Luna Illuminati – Sale Pending with 25 retained breedings. 
  • STK Black Velvet – Sold to Sharleen Shields of Acorn Morgans.
  • OGO Higuera Tinkerbelle – Sale Pending with 1 retained breeding.
  • OGO Higuera Castle Finale – Sold
  • OGO Coraz’on del Toro – Sold
  • OGO Primavera Black Gold – Sold to Donna DeAmaral of Singing Heart Ranch with 10 retained breedings.
  • OGO Caven-glo Tribute – Sold to Sharleen Shields of Acorn Morgans.
  • OGO Higuera de laBandita – Sold with 2 retained breedings.
  • OGO du Prix Provenance – Sold to Mike & Paula Vrana of North Wind Morgan Farm.
  • OGO GoldSwept Sun – Sold to Lolly & Jason Scammons of Pacifica, CA.
  • OGO Caven-glo BlueMoon – Sold to Acorn Morgans for future broodstock. OGO Morgans has 2 retained breedings.
  • OGO Higuera Rio Grande – Sold to Trudy Haversat & Gary.
  • CanDon Battlehill Secord – Sold.
  • Eclypse PromDance – Sold to Jane York of River Oak Morgans.  
  • TK Maullie Brown – Sold to Nora Bowman of Vintage Morgans.
  • OGO Grand Prix Salute – Sold to Mike and Paula Vrana of North Wind Morgan Farm.
  • OGO Flower of Amor – Sold
  • OGO Higuera Tecate – Sold to Jane York of River Oak Morgans to be a future herd sire.
  • OGO Springhills Bravado – Sold
  • OGO Tia Lalo – Sold to Anne Hobbs of Michigan.
  • OGO Bellota del Oro – Sold to Amy Don Schroeder of California.
  • OGO Higuera Lucky Seven – Sold to Terry Jensen of TK Land and Cattle Company.
  • OGO Higuera Castle – Sold to Patti Train with 2 retained breedings.
  • Clarions Mountain Man – Sold to Jane York of River Oak Morgans.
  • A WindSwept Higuera Trail ‘Shadoah’ – Sold to Ildy ven De Putte.