OGO SpringHills Bravado – 2004 Colt

bravadoThe foal is SOLD!

Congratulations to Libby Flower of Flower Farms.

This big tall colt comes from tall parents so should have size.  He certainly is solid and correct now.  His sire is a noted sports horse in the dressage arena and his dam comes from good old Western Working Family lines, working ranch horses all.   His sire has some good WWF lines behind him as well as some old Brunk and old Midwest.  In Fact, Finlee is an excellent source of that hard to find old Midwest blood.  “Springy’s” dam is preservationist pure in the WWF family and is an excellent complement to Finlee.  All told, this colt is a sire prospect and surely is a budding sports horse whether left entire or gelded.  He should be considered by breeders of sports Morgans for his rich heritage and special pedigree.  And he should be considered by all as a wonderful using horse for competition and pleasure.

2004 Bay Colt
Spring Hills Finlee x TK Maullie Brown

OGO SpringHills Bravado’s foals include:

* Young Colt

OGO SpringHills Bravado Spring Hills Finlee King High Martins King Cealo Martins Justin Morgan
Lady Kate
Jewel M Captain Jack
High-Lo Highland Glen Justins Silhouette
Ehanbla Shenandoah
Beauty Panic
Nicolette J S Soot Stones Check Mate Archie T
Bonnie Toot Illawana Ben
Bonnies Belle
Nippi Jet Morgan Chief Justin Morgan
Crow Woman
Dakota Girl Highland Glen
Nellie Mae Morgan
TK Maullie Brown Vining Lamar El Spartez El Cortez Romanesque
Viola Linsley
Princess Spar Sparbeau
Princess Sabab
Flicks Emily Shawalla Buck Memphis Beau Brummell
Bettina Allen
Shawalla Kitty Silver Rockwood
Nespelem Betty
Bluehill Chloe Sparfield Condor Sparfield Lee Spar
Kitty Spar Field
Beaver State Gem Hedlites Micky Waer
Beaver State Trinket
Diamond Josie Diamond Duke Shawalla Buck
Abbotts Lady
Knox Ann Linns Knox

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OGO SpringHills Bravado
(Spring Hills Finlee x TK Maullie Brown)
2004 Bay Colt